Solar Water Heating

solar water heating solutionSolar Water Heating Introduction & Solutions

Hot water heated by the sun is used mainly in a domestic or residential setting to provide hot water.

Using solar to heat water is simple. You place solar energy panels on the roof of a building or sun facing wall and plumb the system into a water system. The working fluid within the panels generates heat and this heat is either pumped or driven by natural convection through it. Heat is stored in a hot water storage tank.

Solar thermal installations for residential properties fall into two groups: passive (sometimes called “compact”) and active (sometimes called “pumped”) systems. Energy output of solar thermal relates to latitude and levels of direct sunlight. Solar thermal might provide up to 70 percent of the average house’s hot water needs, depending on the amount of hot water used and levels of energy efficiency in place. However, the Energy Saving Trust information is that a more accurate figure is lower than this.

solar water heating panelsBenefits of Solar Water Heating

The great thing about solar thermal is that it should work all year round during the day but many solar thermal owners will probably need to heat the water further in winter months, using a boiler or immersion heater.

Other great benefits to solar thermal can include saving money on fuel bills and with the ever increasing costs of non-renewable energy or fossil fuels this is quite an incentive.

Solar thermal should also be eligible for renewable heat incentives and can cost less than other forms of solar solutions.

For just a few thousand pounds (less than £5k) you could be heating your water through solar and start saving on bills so why not ask us for a no-obligation chat about your solar thermal requirements.

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