Solar Thermal

solar thermal hot waterSolar Thermal Solutions – Generating Hot Water for the Home

Solar thermal is a renewable energy system for generating domestic or residential hot water. But how does solar thermal work?

One of best descriptions of solar thermal is described by the Department of Energy & Climate Change:

“Solar thermal water heating works in a similar way to leaving a hosepipe in the sun. Solar thermal generates renewable heated water using solar panels (known as “collectors”) fitted at an optimal angle on a roof. Solar heat warms fluid, usually anti-freeze, in the collectors and this is then pumped to heat water stored in a hot water cylinder. A boiler or immersion heater tops up the water to the temperature set by the cylinder’s thermostat (>60°C)”.

Additionally, you will need plumbing services as well as a MCS qualified solar thermal installer like AJ Shire to fit the solar thermal solution. This we offer through our qualified plumbing partners who we work closely on all projects to ensure a quality fitting and least disruption to your property.


At AJ Shire we have selected only the best performing solar thermal panels for our residential and commercial clients. You will see no cheap Chinese imports here. We use only the best manufacturers and are qualified to advise, design and install solar thermal panels to MCS standards.

We have completed many installations in both domestic and commercial environments and each solar thermal panel and installation is guaranteed. Backed up by professional staff who can maintain and support for years to come.

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