About Solar Panels

Did you know that solar panels come with different performance levels and life spans? Did you know that we are nationally recognised as an official installer of solar solutions? If not then this section will provide the basics for you to get started with solar panels and energy and what to look out for.

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy covers a wide spectrum of solutions and you can choose which is best for your property and usage. Here we provide a simple guide to renewable energy and what it means with additional resources. Take a look today and start saving money and the planet.

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Why MCS For solor Panels

MCS is a national accreditation programme that ensures quality design and installation of solar panels and it helps protect you the consumer. Here you can find our more about MCS and what benefits you can reap from using a MCS Installer such as AJ Shire.

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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal is a renewable energy system for generating domestic or residential hot water. But how does solar thermal work and what else do you need to consider. Visit this section for find out more about solar thermal solutions. Don’t forget to also check out our Solar Water Heating page.

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At AJ Shire we have over 120 years combined experience and have designed and installed 100s of domestic and commercial solutions. We provide sound advice, only use quality products, and our clients benefit from our building regulations knowledge and additional construction and building skills.

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