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How Often Should You Rewire a Home

There are many different opinions about how often you should rewire a house, and there are no set guidelines as to when a property should be rewired. Just because your wiring’s old, doesn’t mean it’s unsafe, but an average time period is about 25 years. Should you encounter problems with your wiring however, it is advisable that you replace the wiring at once....
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Why You Should Choose a NICEIC Domestic Installer

Employing an NICEIC registered electrician is a householder's best way to ensure a safe job. NICEIC helps to protect householders from the dangers of unsafe electrical installations. Enrolment with NICEIC is voluntary, but electrical contractors who are conscientious about the service they offer would consider it a priority to enrol. ...
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CAT 5, CCTV & Other Wiring Services

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